This is me, photographed by my hubby, Lionel.

This is me, photographed by my hubby, Lionel.

Hi. I'm Leanne, I photograph people.

I'm a Dublin based wedding photographer, and travel whenever I can. I love nothing more than traveling, meeting new people and taking photos, that's why wedding photography is a perfect career for me.

I got my first camera for my confirmation and since then I have been hooked. I spent 7 fun years studying. I did a degree in Fine art photography (CCAD) and a diploma in Commercial Photography (DLIADT) . During this time I traveled a lot and waited on millions of tables to fund it all, an education in itself!

In 2006 I was asked to shoot my friends wedding in Reykjavik, Iceland. I nervously agreed and was very glad that I did. I found myself in a situation where I got to be creative with my camera, I was in a new and interesting place and I was surrounded by happy people. I loved it! It was everything I loved in one fantastic day. That's when I decided to become a wedding photographer.

Over the years I have learned that people fascinate me. I learned to observe the little details and quiet moments that are often passed by. I have learned to predict when a bunch of guests are about to erupt with laughter or a groom is about to wink at his bride. Everyone has a unique story. What I love more than anything is stepping into someone else's world, discovering their story and documenting it with my photographs.