This is me squeezing through an electrical fence on a photoshoot in Malin Head, Northern Ireland. Photo by David Mc Clelland. 

This is me squeezing through an electrical fence on a photoshoot in Malin Head, Northern Ireland. Photo by David Mc Clelland. 

A bit about me and my style.

I'm a Dublin based wedding photographer, and travel whenever I can. I love nothing more than traveling, meeting new people and taking photos, that's why wedding photography is a perfect career for me.

I was given my first camera for my confirmation when I was 12 and since then I have been hooked. I spent 7 fun years studying. I have a degree in Fine art photography (CCAD) and a diploma in Commercial Photography (DLIADT) . During this time I traveled a lot and waited on millions of tables to fund it all, an education in itself!

In 2006 I was asked to shoot my friends wedding in Reykjavik, Iceland. I nervously agreed and was very glad that I did. I found myself in a situation where I got to be creative with my camera, I was in a new and interesting place and I was surrounded by happy people. I loved it! It was everything I loved in one fantastic day. That's when I decided to become a wedding photographer.

Since then I have specialised in weddings. I have shot over 300 weddings and worked in many of the best wedding venues in the country. I have been privileged to work with the most wonderfully loved up couples and their families, who have kindly welcomed me into their world to share the best day of their lives (this is the most incredible part of my job). I have also been married myself (Lionel's his name)and we now have two amazing little girls, Holly and Penny. They are my world. I often say that I have three babies, Holly, Penny and my business. I love them all equally (well not quite!) But seriously I do love my business. Being a wedding photographer for me is the best job in the world. 

My wedding day was the best day of my life, hands down, without a doubt! It will be the best day of your life too. There are so many important elements to your wedding. The dress, the venue, the vows, gathering all of the people that you love together in one place, its all amazing and magic. However I believe that the most important thing is being able to remember it in beautiful images that make your heart sing. The day really does go by in a blur, cliche but true! I am driven by a passion to help couples to be able to relive their wedding day through their photographs. I want my couple to be able to sit down and see how beautiful they looked and how cool their venue and families looked but more importantly I want them to remember how they felt. I want all of the feelings of nervousness, excitement and pure joy to come flooding back through their photographs. 

To achieve this I have a developed my approach and now consider myself a documentary style photographer. Working primarily in the background I give you the space you need to relax and be yourself allowing me to capture the true you. I am very small (5 ft). I generally wear black when I am working and have often been referred to as a ninja! I am not as agile as a ninja but I'd like to think that you won't know that I am there. I combine these documentary style images with an editing style that I think is timeless. I like to edit my photographs with a slightly film like look. The colours are bold and vibrant and they are a tad grainy. I worked in darkrooms for many years before the digital boom and nothing compares to images shot on film. I try to bring this look to my work giving you something unique, that won't date. 

Life is all about getting the balance right. I only shoot 25 weddings a year. This means that I have the time and energy that I want to dedicate to each couple. I love getting to know them, their plans and their style and being able to give them advice and guidance (after 12 years I have a lot of advice). On the wedding day I make sure that we are 100% on the same page and that everything, not just the photography, runs perfectly. 

Only shooting 25 weddings a year which also means that I book up quickly. 2018 in now fully booked, I do have some availability for 2019 and I am taking bookings for 2020. If you are interested please drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you. 


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